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We work closely with financial advisors with regard to the financial and tax planning needs of their clients. Through a combination of our expertise, flexibility and understanding of the Irish tax system, we work to develop customised tax strategies for each client.

We can help you and your clients make these important early decisions that can shape future successes.

We deliver bespoke tax solutions and ensure that all applicable tax reliefs are availed of on many tax areas including:

  • Retirement and Estate planning
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Property Transactions
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax on Gifts and Inheritances
  • International Tax Planning including Double Tax Agreements

We work closely with Financial Advisors who are engaged in wealth planning for their clients.

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As a Sole Practitioner the services of Taxkey have given me the exact reassurance I require in relation to any tax issue. Mairead is always quick to respond and her advice is always excellently measured with all Tax-Heads for any issue given thorough consideration.

Ger Kirwan GK Accounts

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