Virtual Tax Partner Service for Accountants

Taxkey provides Irish tax consultancy services to professional advisors throughout Ireland

White Label Tax Consultancy


Taxkey offer “White Label” consultancy services to accountants and other professional advisors.  This enables our clients to deliver expert technical tax advice to their clients using their firm’s own branding but without investing significant time undertaking the research.

By engaging Taxkey, you can provide your clients with value-added consultancy services to complement your existing accounting and tax compliance services enabling you to provide a “full service” to your clients in the most efficient manner. Engaging with us will save you time and enhance your client relationship allowing you to focus on building your core business.

Tax Retainer Service - Flexible Prepaid Tax Advice


Many of the queries that we receive from accountancy practices are quick second opinions on ad hoc tax matters. By availing of Taxkey’s Tax Retainer Service, you can benefit from timely tax advice as and when you need to without the need for further fees or negotiations.

The service: 

  • telephone and email support for ad hoc queries that arise day to day
  • a quick second opinion to provide comfort before delivering the final advice to your client
  • support for audit teams dealing with tax issues that arise during the audit process
  • a short-form written response to your query if required
  • flexibility to purchase the level of tax support you want and use it as you need to
  • Discounted fee rates for “time units” purchased

How it works: 

Units of time are purchased in advance at a discounted rate and are available to use as you need to for ad hoc queries. The minimum pre-paid purchase is 5 hours. Essentially you purchase the time required and it is available for you to use as you need to. Once the hours have been purchased, there is no deadline by which they must be used.
We provide a monthly statement of account for all clients availing of our Retainer Service.


Support with Revenue audits



Taxkey can assist you with the management of complex Revenue audits. Our services include:

  • pre-audit inspections and health checks
  • advice on negotiation strategy
  • drafting qualifying disclosures – prompted and unprompted
  • dealing with specific tax issues that are under investigation.

Assistance in dealing with verification checks raised by Revenue is also available.

Tax Training Workshops


Taxkey provides cost effective training programmes tailored to meet your needs. Our service is provided to your location and sessions are designed based on your need, keeping in mind the specific tax areas that are relevant to your client base, for example:

  • General tax compliance (income tax, VAT, corporation tax)
  • R&D tax credit
  • Property transactions (including VAT on property)
  • Employment tax obligations
  • Relevant Contracts Tax requirements
  • Succession planning