Tax Support for Accountants and Other Professional Advisors

Taxkey is dedicated to providing accountants, advisors and their clients with a practical tax support service. When you engage us, it is the same as having your own inhouse tax partner except without the overhead. You pay for the expertise as you need it.

Our tax support service complements rather than competes with accountancy firms. We do not deal with accounts and only provide tax compliance services when specifically requested to do so.

Taxkey’s sole aim is to support you in guiding your clients through the complexities of today’s tax system.

Taxkey’s advisory services cover all aspects of tax consultancy and planning. Specifically we have developed expertise in the following areas:

  • VAT (including VAT on property)
  • Employee Termination Payments
  • Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning
  • Agri Taxation
  • Company Restructuring
  •  Tax Incentives & Reliefs
  • Employment Taxes
  • Residence & Domicile Planning

We are the Irish representative firm of the Association of International Tax Consultants (AITC). Membership of the association allows us to collaborate with tax specialists in over 60 different countries and gives us the ability to refer clients to reliable tax advisors around the world as required. Further information can be found on the AITC website.

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Our Tax Partner Services

Virtual Tax Partner Service for Accountants

We deliver independent specialist tax advice to accountants and other professional advisors.

Why Choose Taxkey

Tax Consultant for Accountants

Timely Support

Client service is at the heart of what we do. We respond to all queries within 24 hours and we will work with you to answer all queries as quickly as possible

Flexible Service

We are happy to meet you at your own business premises or other location that suits you

Expert Advice

Tax is constantly changing. At Taxkey, we stay up to date with tax law and practice to ensure you are getting the best advice possible

Transparent Fee Structure

At Taxkey, we pride ourselves on our communication skills. Our fees structure is transparent and we are always happy to provide a quotation in advance of starting a piece of work


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Recent Taxation Updates

Recent Changes to the VAT Registration Process

Revenue is introducing a new two-tier VAT registration system, whereby a trader can apply for a ‘domestic-only’ registration or an ‘intra-EU’ registration. The new registration process took effect from 15 June 2019. The purpose of the new system is to help speed up...

VAT Treatment of Gift Vouchers post 1 January 2019

In June 2016, the Council of the European Union adopted Council Directive (EU) 2016/1065 (“the Voucher Directive”) to simplify and harmonise the VAT rules applying to vouchers across the EU. The Directive aims to eliminate mismatches in national tax rules, which may...

Tax Considerations for Growing Companies

We are currently advising many Irish SMEs that are going through strong growth, notwithstanding uncertainties that surround Brexit. As companies expand their operations, enter new geographic and / or product markets, there are many good commercial reasons why the...

VAT Annual Return of Trading Details

Each year, Irish VAT registered businesses are obliged to file a Return of Trading Details (RTD) with Revenue. The RTD is a summary of the supplies of goods and services, imports and purchases of the business giving rise to deductible input VAT broken down by the...

Changes to the VAT treatment of Vouchers from January 2019

The VAT treatment of certain gift vouchers will change with effect from 1 January 2019. At present, the general rule is that the issue of a voucher to a consumer is not subject to VAT in Ireland. VAT arises when the voucher is redeemed by the consumer to acquire goods...

VAT Pitfalls when Selling Commercial Property

When selling a property, businesses should consider the VAT treatment of the sale and potential related VAT costs early in the sale process and ideally in advance of negotiating the heads of terms. If this is not done, there is potential for conflict between the...